Security Cameras

We offer professional security camera installation service on all our DVR’s and Cameras. Smart Shield Security video surveillance systems are being installed in the following applications.

What We Secure

  • Commercial office buildings and campuses
  • Residential Homes and Home Owner Associations
  • Multi-unit apartment properties
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial businesses
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and wholesale businesses
  • Warehousing and supply chain management
  • Information technology management
  • Casinos, Restaurant Bars, and Nightclubs
  • Taxis, buses, and boats

Why We Secure

  • Remotely View Activities and Events “LIVE” over via Internet or Smart Phone
  • Verify Presence of Employees, Customers and Vendors
  • Monitor Entrances, Exits, Parking Lots, Loading Docks
  • Insure Safety of Employees and Customers
  • Monitor Access
  • Verify Burglary Alarms and Reduce False Alarms Theft
  • Monitor Shoplifters and Vandals
  • Reduce Potential Incidents Involving Employees
  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Monitor Interaction with Customers
  • Track Staffing Assignments
  • Vandalism
  • Reduce Property Damage
  • Identify Perpetrators
  • Monitor Vulnerable Areas Such As Those Under Construction
  • Insurance
  • Reduce Incidents and Insurance Premiums