Law Enforcement personnel respond to thousands of false alarm calls yearly. These unnecessary responses result in an enormous burden in manpower and expense; which in turn reduces the time available to respond to real emergencies.

To prevent false alarms:

  • Secure all doors and windows before arming the system
  • Be ready before arming the system. If you set the alarm and remember something, turn the alarm off, get what you forgot, and then re-arm the system
  • Know the system and share that knowledge with those who need to know. If you give them the key to the property, then give them the code and instructions to operate the system
  • If going out of town/country, inform your alarm company of an alternate contact for that time-frame.
  • Make sure everyone in the home or business has manually operated the alarm system, knows any codes necessary, and understands what to do if any should accidentally activate
  • Keep the system maintained. Change batteries once a year and keep sensors dust-free
  • Make sure that rooms with motion sensors are free of pets, wind, party decorations, or anything else that can activate them by accident
  • Test the alarm system at least once a month to confirm that it is in correct working order. If you have any doubts call the alarm company immediately for service. When testing the alarm do not forget to first notify the alarm monitoring company

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