The Best Choice for a Home Security System in Dacula, GA

Keeping your home or business safe is more important than ever before. When it comes to protecting what’s most important to you, you want a name you can trust. If you’re looking for a home security system in Dacula, GA, Smart Shield Security is your best best. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial security in metro Atlanta, we are a locally owned company with Georgia roots.

We install reputable brands like Logitech Harmony, Lutron, Skybell, Ring, Nest, Honeywell, and Sonos, and we are Georgia low-voltage licensed, so you can count on us to do the job right every time.

Alarms & Monitoring That You Can Trust in Dacula, GA

Installing and paying for an alarm system in half the battle. Having the right team monitoring your system is just as important. Those annoying audible alarms of the past don’t work, because criminals just run away, and neighbors think they’re a nuisance. As criminals become more tech savvy and more brazen, you need the best in technology and the most reputable name to back it up.

Smart Shield Security provides so much more for homes and businesses in Dacula, GA. Our system allows our team to listen to a break-in through the microphone system and follow up with a verbal challenge to the criminal inside. Our systems can send a signal directly to the police or fire department, or our team will alert first responders promptly, all without the burglar knowing. We will also contact you to let you know what is going on at your property – all with 24/7 monitoring.

Alarms & Monitoring

Professional installation with fast response times.

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Video Surveillance

Real-time monitoring and recording solutions.

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Video Doorbells

Always know who is at your door.

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Access Control

Track & monitor entry points.

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Smart Home + Lighting

Easy Convenient & Smart.

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Home Audio

Home Audio

Music in every room.

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Reliable Video Surveillance in Dacula, GA

Technology has made our lives easier, and that’s especially true when it comes to video surveillance for your home or business. What used to be available only to the filthy rich is now affordable and effective for everyone in Dacula, GA.

Whether you’re looking for video security or cameras for traffic and crowd control, Smart Shield Security can find a solution that fits your needs. From CCTV to IP and wireless systems, we can cater a system that works for you. Our camera solutions can prevent crime before it happens, and we’ve even been able to help bring criminals to justice. You can combine a camera system with our affordable monitoring for even more peace of mind.

Video Doorbell Installation in Dacula, GA

Video doorbells are some of the most trendy yet helpful technology. Smart Shield Security can create a video doorbell solution that works for you from Dacula, GA to wherever you are in the world. This technology isn’t just for security – you can even acknowledge a package delivery or a neighbor dropping by. Our video doorbell systems can tie in with WiFi or cellular to provide you with notifications or even allow you to communicate with whomever’s at your door.

Cutting Edge Access Control Installation in Dacula, GA

The technology that we used to see in spy thrillers is now available to everyone. From biometrics to systems that keep unwanted visitors out, you can rely on Smart Shield Security to protect your property and employees from theft and other threats. You can combine the latest in access control with our reliable alarm monitoring and video surveillance systems for a complete package that gives you security like no other.

Make Your House a Smart Home in Dacula, GA

The future is here, and Smart Shield Security can make it a reality for you with smart home and lighting set up in Dacula, GA. Smart home systems give you ultimate control over lighting, temperature, and so much more, and we can put together a system that puts technology at your fingertips. From motion-controlled lighting to apps that turn lights, thermostats, and appliances on and off at the tap of a screen, let us make your house a smart home today!

The Best Home Audio Installation in Dacula, GA

Modern technology can now provide you with a rich home audio experience, and Smart Shield Security can set you up with an amazing home audio system in Dacula, GA. Whether you want to stream movies and television or listen to music with powerful clarity, we can design a system that provides you with hours of enjoyment and makes your neighbors envious.

Whether you’re looking for a home security system for peace of mind or whether you’re looking to take advantage of technology to make your life better, call Smart Shield Security.

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