Smart home lighting doesn’t imply that your bulb can solve a math problem. These systems no longer have restrictions. You can now choose the contrast of the light you want, change color, make the lights come on and off automatically, or even you can switch the bulb when you are halfway across the world with the smart home light switch.
This is because these smart home devices use a high-level programming language and are connected to an IP network so you can control them wirelessly, for instance, Wi-Fi bulbs.
Some of smart home and lighting devices we install include:
  • Modules– We have an assortment of modules customized to your taste and fit into existing switches
  • Smart home Light switch and dimmers– Control your lights remotely
  • Smart sockets and outlets– helps you to have ultimate control over light bulbs and other home appliances
  • Smart lighting systems– Have control over your lighting system
  • Bulbs– Includes Wi-Fi bulbs, they help to integrate control to your smart lighting system
  • Remote controlled light switches– The power to control lights on your fingertips
  • Smart sensors– detect motion in a room and automatically switch the lights
  • Accessories– home control systems that make automation a success
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